Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting down to business

I'm learning the ups and downs of this business quick. Ladies word of advice when you are pretty, you have to come in with a mind set for strictly business. Keep it casual, keep it short and sometimes cut throat. Another great benefit of having a degree is being more equipped to handle fast-talking con men that try to convince you to compromise your morals to get or keep a job. In my opinion, talent and dignity go hand in hand because when you are confident about your gift, you don't have to compromise who you are. I didn't lay on my back to get into one of the hardest universities in the U.S and I won't to be in anybody's play/movie/commercial. I am glad GOD is showing me how these people can be in this industry so I will learn how to deal with them now! It will cut out all the unnecessary foolishness in the future. ::sips tea:: on to the next audition. I'm never getting comfortable in one place/play "got to" keep it moving.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The unexpected

    Sorry I haven't blog but it's amazing how things happen and it happened so quickly I've been caught in a whirlwind. So let me step out to the calmer side of me for a minute.  I have been here since Wednesday as you know. On Saturday my brother called me to tell me I had an audition on Sunday 10:30am. I was excited but nervous at the same time. I didn't expect to have a audition this fast and I didn't have a dramatic monologue prepared. So that night I drank lots of tea and memorized a monologue from a Raisin In the Sun. Sunday I got up early got ready, practiced and prayed some more. So let me paint the picture as Sophia Patrillio would (the Golden Girls) lol my favorite show.
     Picture it,Harlem,2010. I arrived early from the subway station on the cool morning. The smell of fresh bacon was in the air as I struggled not to look like a tourist. My brother informed me that the man I was auditioning for had a meeting before me and to call him when I arrived for directions. I looked for the first familiar place where I could sit and get my thoughts together. I saw a Subway restaurant and sat inside for awhile. Across from my table were three people discussing a script. Of course I began to wonder could this be the man that I was auditioning for. No,No, that's too much of a coincidence. But I couldn't help but to have a feeling that might be him. I texted my brother to ask what the man looked like. One of the men got up from the table abruptly and went outside to make a phone call. Turns out he was calling me. I began to laugh when I realized my gut instinct was right, he came back inside and asked me to wait a few minutes. Now in my mind I thought we were going to walk to the theater or his office for the audition. I was wrong! I had to improve,key word,improve my monologue and sing infront of everyone in Subway. Long story short he offered me the part on the spot! I was so excited I almost cried but being the "G" that I am, I kept it contained ::runs around the building to scream and jump around:: Like I said before with" man this is possible but with GOD all things are possible." It was only favor that this happened as quickly as it did.
The show is called "The ShowMen" it is about the famous negro tap super stars the Nicholas brothers. Rehearsals start Oct.30, let's go!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

All in the family -Ephraim Singing at a event on behalf of his show Memphis -His choreography for a charity show -Me singing at BFE2009

In the city

So I arrived yesterday and already had a run in with the taxi cab driver ::blank stare::...Thank GOD for my feisty personality and colorful facial expressions. I'm still am trying to get adjusted and have yet to feel the emotional part of leaving home but I must admit I tried hard to block it out. Ok! I'm ready to take this city by storm and I am built for the job. Time to get my resume looking a little better and have meetings with agents. Time to look for new music and polish oldies but goodies. Time to brush up on my ballet and perfect Hip Hop and African dance. "Imma get that worm now, tell them it's my turn now,"-No Ceilings. ::sips tea:: Legggggoooooooooo
P.S I Miss you (family,friends and that special person)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my first photo shoot lol at UF's Theater

NY Bound

So tomorrow is the big day. By this time tomorrow I will be a official NY resident by way of Broooookkkklllllyyyynnnn. Don't let all those letters in Brooklyn fool you, I am not excited. I'm having what I call Peter Pan syndrome. I don't want to grow up yet...I'm's too soon....I want to go back in time. Well time stands still for no man and if I were to go back I know it wouldn't be the same as the first time. I am about to take a plunge into the real world so wish me luck better yet send your prayers because I heard if you can make it here (NY), you can make it anywhere.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Intro of who you should know!

              Let me begin by introducing myself. I am Martina Sykes, a recent graduate of the best and the reigning champion of all universities, the University of Florida. Go Gators! I graduated on August 7th, 2010 and my journey is far from over. I was born in Newark, New Jersey and raised in St. Petersburg,Fl aka "the burg". I am the proud daughter of Rev. Dr. Manuel L. Sykes and Belinda Sykes. But enough of the boring stuff, here comes the real.
               I have dreams of being on Broadway. I received my degree in Public Relations but have been singing, dancing and acting since 2nd grade. I know most people say "everybody and their mother can sing or dance," but I am a believer that if you go after what you want and trust in GOD the impossible is possible. I am moving to New York on September 15th and just booked my ticket a few hours ago. To be honest I am terrified! I have always been sure of what I was doing next or what direction I was going in but now I am taking a huge leap of faith. This is the first time I don't have anything lined up besides auditioning and looking for jobs. This will also be the first time I have moved more than 2 hours away from my family. This is just the beginning, I will continue to share my journey with you and keep you entertained along the ride.