Saturday, December 11, 2010

New pics first photo shoot

I've been gone for a Im back!

Dear Lovely Bloggers,
          I have neglected you for far too long. I'm back and I owe you an apology and good news. I've missed thee and I hope you missed me too lol. Ok, time for sharing.

            So last time i talked to you I  had auditioned and received the roll as Bonnie in Raindogs. The show was a success!!! The Hamptons was nothing short of beautiful. Sag Harbor is like a town you would see on a Christmas special. I felt like I could leave my hotel room unlocked lol. Here's a link for pictures .
          I was so happy to meet and get-to-know such an amazing and talented cast. They recorded my solo and as soon as I learn how to upload that from iTunes I will post it. As of lately, I have been doing photo shoots, visiting family, friends and my boo lol and continuing to audition.