Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movers and Shakers

Hello American citizens,tax payers and every one in

    Today's blog is not about me. I wanted to introduce you to a fellow Gator who is in New York living and pursuing her dreams. We attended the same school for four years, had mutual friends and never said more then two words to each other. Now that we have graduated and moved on, we have discovered we have a lot in common especially the arts. My art of course is performing. Hers is visual and fashion. She is fierce ::Tyra Banks voice:: lol. Let me introduce you to Michaela Boyd, she has a blog that if your into fashion will inspire you and if you're not will make you want to. 
     We recently met for lunch and dicussed our dreams, ambitions and tactics on how to accomplish them. She is well on her way #GetIntoHer 
      Until next time ::sips green tea:: Stay up!