Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unexpected Blessing

Ok guys...I've been auditioning like crazy and one thing I've learned it is hard being a new actor in this business. You are always last in line because you have not earned your equity card yet and those who have are always seen. Sometimes or even half of the time non-equity will not be seen due to time limits. I have to admit it can be really discouraging at times, but if you believe in GOD like I do, as soon as you feel like giving up he steps in. Two weeks ago I had been to five auditions in only were seen for two. I also dropped my phone on the subway...the pits..I had, HAD IT!I just begin to cry and with the help of my family,friends, boyfriend and kind words from strangers, I made up in my mind I would not give up. The next week the first audition went great and I received an email from my former play RainDogs. The play that showcased in the Hamptons is coming to Manhattan in March. Right around the corner I know #GetExcited. GOD works even when we think he's forgotten.
In other news today is a very special day! Today is my boyfriend's birthday!!! I know I'm mushy but I had to give him a shout out he supports me in everything I do...soooo Happy Birthday Kevin I love you!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

H.O.T (House Of Talent) gives back

A video of us performing and speaking to the students of our Alma Mater Gibbs High School (PCCA)!/video/video.php?v=484444646790

Back to the real (auditioning)

I am finally back in NY and ready to work my butt off! I have been going to every audition I can and it is only the begining. This is the season for auditions. More than I can count. I have also been dabbling in t.v as well. I want to cast my net as far as it can go to have a better shot at opportunities or as we say in the House Of Talent (H.O.T) "booking the gig."
Audition tips....these are quick tips to do inbetween the big audition that will help you book the gig.
1. Research the play. You do not want to walk in there singing a pop song for a "legit" musical theater play such as Evita.
2. Keep learning and perfecting your song. If you are like me and can't afford lessons every week, YouTube is a great tool to help practice and learn material. They have the words, instrumentals and with vocals. my motto: "If it's's for me"
3. Practice in front of your friends and/or family. In our house we have a 16 bar party, where we sing our 16 bars for each other.
4. Finally never stop auditioning. Sure you don't want to waste your time and go to unnecessary auditions but if it looks like it can be for you(research), or even if it is to practice a new song and receive feedback. You never know the show you may not think is for you just maybe the one.