Thursday, April 5, 2012

Progress and the process!

Heeeeeey ya'll....see I'm getting better awl ready lol. Soooo last week I started reading a book called "The Artist's Way''. It's a 12-week program that is supposed to free your creativity and inner artist. You will do exercises that will unblock the fears, hang ups and silence your inner naysayer. I am on week 2 and already my eyes have been opened to so many things. I have established the things that I want to accomplish without allowing my left brain to tell me it's impossible and erasing it. I have reached back to the younger me and dealt with the harsh criticism that has discouraged me or silenced some of my ambition. Whether you are an artist (performing or visual), lawyer, counselor, teacher or minister this book will benefit you. I will update you with my progress every now and then. And let you know when the program is up how it turned out. Before you start reading you must be dedicated to the change you will experience and to the progress. There are exercises you have to keep up with and complete in order to successful with the program but IT IS WORTH IT! Invite friends to read it with you and loved ones.  Here it is......{keyword}&adtype=pla

In the meantime check out a video I made for my friends who bully me on twitter for You Tube videos. I won't say no name ahem  Bruce n Barry lol. Until next time ::sips tea:: I'm out #BeBlessedNBooked

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