Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dedication to the Inspiration

Ok so today I just wanted to take the time to blog about my inspiration in the entertainment field. He is the one that is constantly pushing me to become a better me. The one who says "you were born to do this" even when I don't believe it my damn self. He just landed the role of "Benny" in Off-Broadway's "RENT" and I was honored to escort him opening night. He was absolutely O-MA-ZING and gave Benny a symapthetic quality that many haven't t done. I'm soooooo proud to say I know him and even more proud to say he's my brother. I never knew the little messy, shy boy who I shared a bunk-bed with. Who acted like the WB frog (dance when no one is looking and stop when you want him to perform) would become the Artist he is today. Here he is in AWL of his glory.........Mister EPHRAIM M. SYKES
He speaks so lovely don't you agree 2:19min lol

Blue and Green Jacket :-)

Throwback lol
My Boyfriend and brother on the right of me (my right-hand man)

His First lead role in a movie
Him in Memphis a Farewell Tribute
I love you and words can not express how grateful I am <3

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